Rebuilding Iraq’s poultry industry

06-01-2009 | |

US Grains Council and the Iraq Poultry Fund (IPF) are working together to help rebuild the country’s poultry industry following its collapse after the start of the first Gulf War in 1991.

The violence-hit Babylon Province in Iraq is transforming now into one of the country’s largest poultry producing areas, due to the efforts of the USGC and IPF.
‘The problem is supplying that region with feed grains to sustain the remarkable comeback within the poultry sector,’ said Ken Hobbie, USGC president and chief, and IPF chairman of the board of trustees.
“The feed grains still have to come from the northern regions of Iraq, which further emphasises the need to establish more trade companies to service the substantial growth in demand.”
The Council works cooperatively with the IPF board of trustees to rebuild Iraq’s poultry industry and create export opportunities for US feed grains.
To date, two Iraqi feed trade companies have been established to generate additional demand for feed grains by bringing more poultry producers into a unified group with greater buying power.
Babylon province is one of Iraq’s largest poultry producing areas and produces about 1,500 tonnes of poultry meat per month. The area is the main supplier to Baghdad and the country’s southern regional markets.