Recent developments in the global poultry sector

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Recent developments in the global poultry sector
Recent developments in the global poultry sector

World Poultry has concisely wrapped up the latest business and product highlights from the international poultry industry.

Meyn introduces new thigh deboning solution

Meyn has introduced the TDS Thigh Deboning Solution M 1.0 in 3 models, with capacities ranging from 3600 thighs per hour to 7200 thighs per hour (or 120 thighs per minute). The thigh deboner is suitable for fresh and matured anatomical thighs, processing both left and right thighs with no handling prior to production. It is designed for chickens with a weight of approximately 1,700 – 5,100 gram (3.9 – 11 lbs), thus anatomical thighs with skin on that weigh 125 to 375 gram (0.28 – 0,8 lbs). The system incorporates a number of sophisticated deboning actions, including the deskinner, and separation of the kneecaps from the fillet. This minimises the risk of bone fragments in the fillets and ensures that 86% of the meat is processed boneless. It also eliminates the need for trimming, further reducing labour costs.

Novogen increases its breeder production targets

Based on the actual excellent technical field results achieved by the NOVOgen Brown and White layer breeders around the world, Novogen has updated its production targets. They are now available online and in print. The research programme resulted, as well as on breeder level as on commercial level, in good technical results in terms of egg production, feed conversion and egg quality with birds that behave more docile. The company saw that the R&D programme was continuing to deliver improvements year on year and time had come to upgrade the production targets of the Novogen layer breeders to be more in line with the actual excellent field results.

BASF and Pancosma enforce IP rights for metal-glycinates

BASF and Pancosma have taken action to enforce their intellectual property (IP) rights and protect their metal-glycinates by filing lawsuits against potential patent infringers at the district court of Düsseldorf, Germany. Metal-glycinates are organically bound trace elements, e.g., copper, iron, manganese and zinc. Because of their superior bioavailability, they claim to have an optimal impact on both the animal, in terms of improved vitality and performance, as well as on the environment, with less excreted minerals and trace elements. The companies claim that securing intellectual property rights is an integral part of their innovation strategy, therefore, they have decided to enforce their IP position against third parties, which are in breach of the existing intellectual property rights.

Launch of Cobb Champion Award

Exceptional performance at all stages in broiler production is recognised by Cobb Europe in a new Cobb Champion award for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. The targets are individual farmers and companies whose results – in chick numbers, hatchability or broiler performance – put them among the best 3 performing flocks within the region for each category. For breeder performance 3 South African companies, Eagles Pride, Quantum Foods and RCL Foods were the initial winners. The German company Wimex was recognised for hatchability and Hook2Sisters, of the UK was awarded for broiler performance.

SPACE innovation for Adisseo enzyme

French animal nutrition company Adisseo received a 1 star innovation award at the livestock show SPACE. The SPACE exhibition in Rennes, France, took place last September. Companies can receive a 1, 2 or 3 star ‘Innov’Space’ award. Adisseo received the 1 star recognition for its enzyme solution: Rovabio Advance. This product improves the digestibility of all feed nutrients, including amino acids, phosphorus and calcium, whatever the type of diet. The enzyme solution contains rabinofuranosidases (ABFs), a very important kind of debranching enzyme. These enzymes work synergistically with xylanases to efficiently break down complex fibre structures in plant cell walls.

Schippers Europe sells mineral division

Belgium based company Nutriprof has acquired the mineral division of Schippers Europe BV, for formulation of animal feed diets for clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. Schippers want to focus more on the development and concepts for (preventive) animal health (such as the product MS Optima Concept for transition cows). Nutriprof is located at the base of the Ardennes, the heart of mineral mining. Over a year ago, the company also acquired the activities of Provimi Belgium, part of Cargill’s Animal Nutrition division.

Chr. Hansen teams up with LinkAsia Partners

Danish probiotic producer Chr. Hansen teams up with LinkAsia Partners to bring increased focus on Chr. Hansen’s commitment to R&D. Together, Chr. Hansen and LinkAsia Partners will bring the solutions to Asia Pacific’s growing and demanding animal feed market, and make innovative, quality products more accessible to the region. Gorm Bang Madsen, Senior Director, Commercial Development, of Chr. Hansen commented, “This partnership with LinkAsia Partners is an integral chapter in our growth strategy in Asia Pacific. Together with the professional team at LinkAsia Partners, we will continue to expand distribution channels to existing and new markets in Asia Pacific, and further our mission of delivering quality microbial products to users around the world.”

Rosie Burgin Editor Special Projects