Research: Eating eggs can prevent snacking

10-05-2011 | |

A new research study by Leatherhead Food Research and published in The International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition has shown that eating eggs at lunchtime may be the key to prevent snacking.

The study showed that an egg-based lunch can help people feel fuller for longer when compared with other common lunches with similar calorie counts. The authors concluded that “consumption of eggs for lunch has a stronger effect on satiety than other typically consumed carbohydrate-based lunches, and could represent a beneficial component of a diet aimed at controlling weight.” 

Previous studies by US researchers have shown that eating eggs for breakfast has a strong effect on satiety – the feeling of fullness after eating – but this is the first major piece of research in the UK on the benefits of eating eggs at lunchtime.  

Dr Carrie Ruxton, independent dietitian and obesity expert, commented: “This research is good news for slimmers. Previous studies have shown that eating eggs for breakfast can increase satiety and help with weight loss, but many people don’t have time for a cooked breakfast. Now it seems that eating eggs at lunchtime has a similar effect on controlling appetite. 

“Now that major heart health organisations have removed previous limits on egg consumption, due to research showing that dietary cholesterol is not an issue for heart health, there are more reasons than ever to eat eggs as part of a healthy diet.”

Source: British Lion Eggs