Responsibly enjoying chicken

09-05-2014 | |
Responsibly enjoying chicken

In the modern world, overweight seems to have become a serious problem in human health. In this respect, fast-food restaurants are easily blamed for contributing to this problem.

I started thinking about this after a comment on my previous editors view under the heading “There’s no food shortage“. In this comment, the respondent stated that I was absolutely wrong and that of course there is food shortage in certain parts of the world. Also that my children most likely are overweight from their daily visits to McDonald’s…

By the way, I didn’t say that everyone in the world is having enough food. But it is a matter of distribution, planning, logistics and not to forget: political will…

Recently, on a late Monday afternoon, my grown up daughter came to see me. We decided to have dinner outdoors together and we went to a nearby located chicken restaurant in my home country The Netherlands with the appealing name: “Ms Tok”! (“Ms cluck” in English, what else can she say?). We used to go there when our children were still in primary school age and living with us. And they always enjoyed going to Ms Tok because of the menu and the friendly atmosphere. My daughter would love to experience that feeling again, taking her back to her childhood memories. So we did.

Usually one can fire a cannonball in a restaurant on a Monday evening. But this time there was even a queue waiting almost around the corner! At the entrance a crowd gathered waiting for a free table. Then I realised that it was school holiday and most likely many families decided to have an affordable dinner together in that particular place. Immediately this proved again to me that chicken is a popular and affordable type of food.

At Ms Tok, there is hardly anything else on the menu card but chicken, called “Piri Piri”. These are pieces of marinated chicken, based on a Portuguese recipe which uses minced chili and cayenne pepper and salt. They do serve chicken filet, but almost everyone is ordering Piri Piri. What a good idea! Actually mostly it is pieces from the carcass and wings, which is hard to capture mechanically. It is absolutely no offal, but true meat. And cut into small pieces.

So everyone is supposed to eat, using their hands and try to get the meat from the bones.

Also this time my daughter and I enjoyed our Chicken Piri Piri. And like in the past, accompanied with our favourite fresh tomato salad and French fries. Delicious!

Mr commentator on my previous view, my three children are very healthy, absolutely not overweight and they don’t go to McDonald’s. On the contrary. They do like to go to Ms Tok and even eat the “remains” from the chicken bones and carcass. Very healthy and nutritious food. I am convinced that this is a very good way of using every possible piece from the chicken and not waste it. Well done Ms Tok!

Ad Bal Freelance journalist