Restraining order to protect researchers from animal activists

25-02-2008 | |

The University of California (UCLA) will appear in court to request a temporary restraining order against animal rights activists accused of harassing university researchers.

The aim of this retraining order would be to protect scientists who conduct experiments using animals.
According to an article on The Los Angeles Times, the university will ask a Superior Court judge in Santa Monica to limit the activities of five individuals and three organisations that maintain websites, including one that identifies researchers and lists their home addresses.
“We are hoping to send an important message that violence and harassment of our faculty is absolutely outrageous and totally inappropriate,” said UCLA Chancellor Gene D. Block.
UCLA researchers have reportedly been the target of several attacks in recent months.
It has been reported that animal activists recently claimed credit for breaking a window in London’s house and using a garden hose to flood the ground floor, causing more than $20,000 in damage.
In statements on their websites, activists said the attacks are warranted because scientists who conduct such experiments are torturing the animals.

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