Revised EU Quota to boost chicken exports

10-07-2007 | |

The EU has given Thailand the largest quota allocation of 252,643 tonnes: 160,033 tonnes for processed chicken and 2,610 tonnes for salted poultry.

According to Apiradi Tantraporn, director-general of the Foreign Trade Department, the new quotas to come into effect in July are part of a compensation programme set up by the EU 25-country trade block when it new tariff quotas for poultry products under WTO rules.
Shipments of Thai cooked chicken have reportedly increased significantly since the EU banned frozen chicken following the 2004 avian flu outbreak, rising from 77,749 tonnes in 2005 to 127,709 tonnes in 2006, at an export value of Baht 9.2 billion (US$295 million) to Baht 12.7 billion (US$407 million).