Riyadh bans ostrich meat

18-12-2007 | |

The discovery of bird flu has led to municipal officials in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to instruct poultry sellers and restaurants not to sell ostrich meat.

Suliman Hamad Al-Buthi, chief of the Environmental Health Department at the municipality said, “Municipal inspectors are currently conducting raids on shops and dining outlets in Riyadh that sell ostrich birds and ostrich meat.”

Ostrich meat withdrawn
“We’ve already managed to withdraw ostriches and ostrich dishes from 12 restaurants and six shops in the city,” said Al-Buthi. The Agriculture Ministry culled 13,500 ostriches following a new outbreak of bird flu, which was discovered last week at a farm in Al-Kharj region, 80 km south of Riyadh.
“The situation is under control and there have been no reports of the disease spreading to humans in the Kingdom,” said Al-Buthi.
Until now, four million birds have been culled following 14 separate outbreaks of bird flu.

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