Robotic egg picker reduces costs by 83%

07-02-2007 | |

A new robotic egg picker and sorter can reduce labour costs by approximately 83%, according to manufacturer.

The SmartPacker, revealed at the year’s International Poultry Expo (IPE) in Atlanta, has a FANUC robot as its centre, operated through a system that can be accessed through the plant’s internal local area network (LAN).

The robotic arm is designed to place centre dividers into 24 and 30 dozen untaped cases and pack 15 dozen cases. The robot can handle 30 unit bulk trays and place foam and pulp cartons into shipping cases automatically, reducing the need for manual port-cartoning checks, claims Smart Motion.

Smart Motion Robotics’ vice president, Ed Buckley, says robotic automation is helping to transform the egg industry. “There have been attempts to automate this process in the past, but our robotic system is successfully in production on multiple farms with amazing results,” he said.


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