Roosters go solo at Roxell Boozzter

19-02-2010 | |
Roosters go solo at Roxell Boozzter

Roxell introduces a brand new feeder pan exclusively for feeding roosters. Boozzter is an oval shaped pan with high and wide grill openings. Roosters, even with big mature combs, have easy access to the feed without hurting themselves.

The pan is divided in 10 individual, stepped feed compartments giving all birds chance to eat, even after spiking. Feed waste and selective pecking are virtually excluded. The feed height can easily be set by the handy adjuster ring on top of the pan, says Roxell.

Two clamps prevent the pan from swinging, and the feed remains in the centre of the pan. The feeder line is suspended high enough to allow only the roosters to reach the feed.

The combination of the high transport capacity of the auger and the well thought out pan content guarantee a fast and uniform distribution of the feed in all pans. All parts of Boozzter are made of durable plastics. The blue top support is in nylon. Boozzter enjoys a 10-year warranty as all other Roxell-pans. This also applies to the supply augers.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist