Ross Asian Association discusses ‘poultry economics’

18-11-2010 | |

The 7th Ross Asian Association (RAA) Meeting recently took place in Kyoto, one of the oldest and most historical cities in Japan. The annual event was attended by 63 representatives from Ross GP distributors and customers from 19 countries of the Asia and Oceanic region.

The meeting is a platform for discussions and presentations to consistently improve the Ross 308 product performance in all generations, to enhance the profile of the Ross brand and to plan for the future growth of the industry in the region.

The main focus of the event was on ‘poultry economics’ and included presentations on chicken economics, Asian market trends and the evolution of agriculture to feed an ever-expanding consumer base. A mix of Aviagen personnel, including Bob Dobbie, President of International Business, Bruce Evans, Regional Technical Manager and Dominic Elfick, Geneticist, and guest speakers, such as Gordon Butland, International Poultry Consultant, Jittin Udnoon, CP Indonesia and Jim Johnson, Food Chain Partners Worldwide, presented valuable insights into important aspects of the poultry industry.Sam Kikuchi, President of Nippon Chunky, the local Ross distributor, gave an overview of the company’s growth and the success of the Ross products in Japan.

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