Ross Breeders held Turkish seminar

08-07-2008 | |

Ross Breeders Anadolu, Aviagen’s joint venture in Turkey, held a technical seminar in Antalya, Turkey. The seminar covered the key issues that have recently been raised by Turkish customers.

During the 2-day event, the 65 delegates were given presentations from Ross Breeders Anadolu and Aviagen’s regional Ross team on subjects such as egg handling procedures from farm to hatchery; the importance of male management for successful flock performance; identifying leg problems and skeletal disorders; critical broiler management; serologic and bacteriologic monitoring for broiler and PS flocks and ventilation principles for successful broiler performance.
Barbaros Gokceyrek, Technical Operations Manager, Ross Breeders Anadolu: “The seminar went really well and, because the attendees specified the subjects to be covered, the advice they received will enable them to maximise the performance of their Ross stock.”
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