Roxell doubles pipe production capacity

10-01-2013 | |
Roxell doubles pipe production capacity

In addition to the local pipe production at Roxell Malaysia, it was also necessary to increase the production capacity in Maldegem, Belgium.

When Roxell decided to double this capacity, as demand for Roxell poultry feed systems is growing, the company invested in a custom-made pipe machine. This machine allows the production of pipes of different lengths.

In addition, the position and type of holes can be selected freely without affecting the production rate.  The quality control, which used to be a very labour intensive process, is now carried out by the machine which automatically checks the pipes for length, joints, galvanization and dents. Rejected pipes are automatically discharged.

The semi-automatic machine feeds the packed pipes via a buffer into the container. This not only allows for substantial time savings, but also provides significant ergonomic benefits.