Rumour grows that China’s largest chicken farm hit by bird flu

16-05-2006 | |

Rumours have been growing that Dalian Hanwei Enterprises Group in Dalian City, China’s largest chicken farm, has been hit by bird flu after reports of over 1 million chicken deaths.

Although there has been no official confirmation of the outbreak made to the media, the local government has issued a notice to stop the sale of chicken droppings and dead chickens.

Hanwei chicken farm occupies 200 hectares has 300 chicken houses and breeds approximately 3 million chickens. The company produces the “Ge Ge Da” brand of green (organic) egg which is sold to various major markets in China and abroad.

According to this report, the chicken deaths began in mid April, and during the first ten days many dead chickens were cleaned and dispatched to other locations to be manufactured into roast chicken and sold in markets in Dalian city.

The local government and Hanwei chicken farm still claim the chicken deaths were due to “chicken pest” and not “bird flu”.

The company continues to sell eggs.