Russia aims to limit poultry imports from Belarus

25-07-2012 | |

The Russian Union of Poultry Producers (Rosptitsesoyuz) has sent a request to the Government, demanding a restriction of poultry imports from Belarus, which violate trade agreements between the two countries.


In particular Rosptitsesoyuz noted that Russia and Belarus signed a food balance sheet, according to which in 2011 the size of imports should not exceed 15,000 tonnes. However, Belarusian manufacturers ignore this document, and deliver five times more poultry production to the Russian market.

“We ask to limit the supplies, as there is the balance sheet and the parties must follow it. In Russia the domestic production of poultry meat is rising, and imported production which is a third cheaper than the domestic ones threatens losses to Russian manufacturers. According to the budgeted balance sheet for 2011, Belarus was to import only 15,000 tonnes to Russia, but it imported nearly 75,000 tonnes, resulting in Belarus becoming the second largest importer of poultry meat to Russia after the United States,” said general director of Rosptitsesoyuz, Galina Bobyleva.

According to her the violation of trade agreements also continued in the beginning of 2012. “Also during the first quarter of 2012, Belarusian poultry shipped to Russia amounted to 35,000 tonnes of poultry meat,” she added.

However, the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), believe that Russia has no right to restrict the supply of agricultural products from the countries – partners in the Customs Union.

Source: Vladislav Vorotnikov

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent