Russia: No ban of poultry imports by 2012

01-09-2009 | |

Russia is not planning to impose a ban on all imports of poultry and pork by 2012, according to the First Vice-Prime Minister of Russia, Viktor Zubkov.

“It is really useless,” said Zubkov during his press-conference in the Belgorod region.

Recently, some Russian officials argued that the national government should stop the importation of poultry and pork to the country by 2012.

However, according to Zubkov, it is “practically impossible.”

“There should be an effective competition between Russian and foreign producers. In addition, many people have become accustomed to certain products, which they have consumed their whole life,” said the first deputy prime minister.

He also stated that meat imports should be supplied in small volumes, which can not harm the Russian food security.”

Asked about the possible reduction of quotas on imports of poultry and pork after Russia joins the WTO, Zubkov said that this issue has not been clarified yet.

Source: Evegen Vorotnikov

Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist
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