Russia to ban more meat imports

26-06-2008 | |

Russia has extended the number of companies from which it no longer will obtain poultry meat or pork. In total around 70 companies have their name on a black list.

Meanwhile the import ban on poultry meat and pork is costing more than €100 million, EU administrators said.

Companies involved come from Germany, France, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Hungary. Meat from these suppliers is supposed not to match hygiene criteria regarding salmonella and residues.

The European commission is deeply concerned about this development and the issue has been high on the agenda. According to European authorities there is nothing wrong with meat from the listed companies.

Russia has no membership in the World Trade Organisation yet and thus the EU cannot claim any agreements made within WTO.

Since May 2008 the Russians are giving trouble on imports of poultry meat and pork from Europe. Insiders say the country wants to become less dependent of imports.

Because of these import bans prices on the Russian market have increased considerably.