Russia to inspect poultry export companies in EU

11-02-2008 | |

Russia will inspect and certify all companies in the production and delivery chains for fresh meat of poultry, pigs, cattle, calves and horses.

According to Russian authorities, without an inspection, it is not possible to export to Russia at all. The measure applies to all EU member states and certification does not apply to primary producers.
Recently, Russia announced to import more meat from the USA. The country also sent more inspectors to Brazil for more checks on export slaughterhouses.
In the Netherlands, the Dutch newspaper Agrarisch Dagblad reports that companies wishing to obtain a permit for exporting to Russia will have to register at the national product board. The board will subsequently determine the costs and also an inspection programme.
Increased poultry imports
In 2007, Russia increased imports of meat, excluding poultry, by 8.2%, said the Russian newswire service Interfax. Imports amounted to 1.42 mln mt of meat, worth €2.34 bln in 2007, compared with 1.31 mln mt worth €2.07 bln in 2006.
Meanwhile, imports of poultry meat increased to 1.287 mln mt from 1.273 mln mt.
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