Russia to sell largest poultry farms to private investors

31-05-2011 | |
Russia to sell largest poultry farms to private investors

The Government of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region plans to sell as one lot the Borovskaya Poultry, Chelyabinsk, Nizhnevartovsk, farms as well as feed processing complex Bikor and trading house Borovsky. These enterprises are all interrelated and represent a single technological chain.

Borovskaya Poultry and Chelyabinsk are currently among the five largest poultry farms in Russia. Their main activities are the production, processing, storage and sale of agricultural products. Borovskoi produces about 2.5 million eggs and 12 tons of poultry meat daily.  Total production volume of  Chelyabinsk is about 240,000 eggs per hour.

“During the assessment it has been taken into account the position of the enterprises and the development prospects of the industry. In fact they are quite optimistic, because poultry products will only get more expensive in the near future”, explained the director of the Department for State Property Management of the Khanty-Maksiyyskogo Autonomous Region, Maxim Shevchenko. 

The five complexes are now being offered for sale as one lot and the market value of assets is estimated at 5.084 billion rubles (US$181 mln). The auction is scheduled for June 26. There is a number of potential investors from the Tyumen region, some other Russian regions and from abroad.

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