Russian Cherkizovo starts building major poultry complex

30-06-2011 | |
Russian Cherkizovo starts building major poultry complex

In the city of Elets, in the Lipetsk region in Russia, a foundation stone for the major new poultry production complex of Cherkizovo was officially laid on June 28. The ceremony was conducted by the head of the Lipetsk regional administration, Oleg Korolev, Cherkizovo Group Chairman Igor Babaev and CEO of Cherkizovo, Sergey Mikhailov.

The poultry production and processing complex will include construction of the following facilities: a hatchery site with capacity of 160 million eggs per year; 5 broiler sites with capacity of 10 million bird places; 4 parent stock sites for 900,000 heads; a slaughtering and processing complex with capacity of 24,000 birds per hour; a waste treatment and processing complex; multifunctional treatment and purifying facilities; a feed plant with a capacity of 90 tonnes per hour, which will include storage facilities for 300,000 tonnes of grain and an oil processing complex (this will provide an increase in output for the Group of approximately 512,000 tonnes per year and will increase storage capacity up to approximately 800,000 tonnes). The project also includes construction of office space, infrastructure and engineering facilities, including storage and warehouse facilities, housing and a logistics facility with capacity to store up to 50,000 tonnes of frozen products.  

The total investment in the project will be 19.5 billion roubles, or approximately 685 million USD, including VAT. Of that amount, 80% is loan funds, with a 10-year tenure, provided by Gazprombank.
Sergey Mikhailov, CEO of Cherkizovo Group said: “By launching this project, we enter a new level of production quality. Compared to the majority of poultry factories in Russia with 15-30 thousand tonnes of poultry per year, Eletsprom will have a capacity of over 200 thousand tonnes. By undertaking construction of a large-scale integrated complex of this kind, Cherkizovo will be introducing new standards of efficiency and competitive production for the future”.
Production is expected to start in 2013 and the site aims to operate at full capacity by the end of 2015.

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