Russian poultry facing slaughter due to company debt

22-10-2012 | |
Russian poultry facing slaughter due to company debt

Russian poultry producer, Kirovhleb, could be forced to slaughter all its remaining stock at five poultry farms due to large debt and an inability to buy feed.

Due to large mortality of birds in the beginning of October, the company lost about 17% of the total poultry stock – about 100,000 heads of chicken. Currently there are 500,000 heads of poultry remaining.

In the last week the debt position of the company has increased and worsened, as it must also pay 6.3 million rubles (US$ 210,000) for its power supply. This debt means that money to buy feed could significantly decrease or not be available at all. According to unconfirmed reports poultry deaths due to starvation is continuing at the company.

“In particular ,at the Falenskay poultry farm the birds were not fed for three days,” said head of the regional veterinary department Sergei Chuchalin. “Currently the enterprise has only about ten percent of the required feed amount and the agricultural holding has no feed. We made prescriptions to provide appropriate feeding of poultry in the full and balanced volume”.

If the situation doesn’t change in the near time the veterinary department will go to the justice court and demand Kirovhleb to slaughter its poultry stock.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent