Russian poultry factory awarded at Berlin’s Green Week

13-02-2013 | |
Russian poultry factory awarded at Berlin’s Green Week

Kurskaya poultry factory, which is part of Russian meat producer, Cherkizovo Group, was praised at the international food industry exhibition during Berlin’s Green Week.

It won three gold medals and the governor of the Kursk region, Alexander Mikhailov, presented the award for the best agricultural business. The Governor gave medals and diplomas signed by Nikolai Fyodorov, the Minister of Agriculture for the Russian Federation, to the executive director of the Kursk poultry factory, Nikolai Soloviev.

“All Cherkizovo Group’s products are high quality, which has been confirmed by the various awards that they have won,” said Alexander Kostikov, Head of Cherkizovo’s Communications and Investor Relations Department. “Posolskie Wings, Lyubitelskaya shin and Naslada frozen fillets were considered the best frozen foods at Green Week. We are very pleased that our products have received recognition at the one of the most important agricultural fairs.”