Rwanda to import poultry from Malawi

22-06-2007 | |

In a bid to solve the problem of chicken scarcity on the market, the Rwandan government has plans to import fast growing chicks from Malawi.

Private investors have also been given the go-ahead from the government to start importing poultry and poultry products from Malawi.
In an effort to protect the local poultry and the people of Rwanda from the deadly avian flu, government slammed a ban on importing chicken and its products in 2005.
A prominent poultry dealer in the Rwanda, Stenbock Oleg, has said that least 2,000 chicks are to be imported weekly.
Thoegene Rutagwenda, Rwanda Animal Resource Development Authority Chairman said Malawi is among the few countries in Africa that have been declared bird flu free threat.
Demand for chicks in Malawi is, however, very high and asked Rwandans be patient. “It would take time to supply the country, the competition is so high, but we have been listed,” said Rutagwenda.
Prior to the outbreak of the avian scourge, the government developed the Rwanda’s single hatchery in Kigali city, which could provide up to 10,000 chicks per day. However, production came to a halt as because the parent stock was imported from Europe, a continent hit by avian flu.
The scarcity of local chicks has also hurt the price of chicken in the country. A local chicken that cost Frw1,200 (US$2.2, or €1.7) before the ban now costs up to Frw4,000 (US$7.5, or €5.6.