Salmonella guideline for broilers developed by FSIS

05-09-2006 | |
Salmonella guideline for broilers developed by FSIS

The USDA’s Food Safety & Inspection Service has developed a salmonella compliance guideline aimed at helping small and very small poultry plants to comply with regulatory requirements.

This is part of the agency’s efforts to lower the level of salmonella in all classes of raw products.

The compliance guideline describes concerns and validates controls for each step in the broiler slaughter process including pre-harvest. It also provides an example of a real-life validation study as well as several web site references.

The FSIS is encouraging stakeholders to provide feedback on the guideline so that future editions of the document can be made as useful as possible.

For more information, read the full salmonella guideline for broilers (contact details for feedback can also be found in this document).