Salmonella outbreak – poultry meat investigated

12-08-2008 | |

Food standards agencies alerted retailers and consumers to be aware of food safety.

According to reports, food standards agencies investigating an outbreak of salmonella in the UK and Ireland have warned food retailers and consumers to be attentive to food safety.
Confirmed cases of Salmonella
Approx. 80 cases of Salmonella Agona have been confirmed in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. The cases were mostly discovered in predominantly in young adults.
Meat and poultry products
There are suspicions around investigations into meat and poultry products. However, food watchdogs say the exact source of the outbreak has not been found yet. The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) is conducting laboratory testing on possible sources of contamination.
“The FSAI is advising food outlets providing ready-to-eat sandwiches to be particularly strict in adhering to best hygiene practices. It reminds retailers of the importance of ensuring that hot sandwiches must be thoroughly cooked before serving to the consumer. It also reiterates the need for strict procedures to be followed at all times to avoid cross-contamination between raw and cooked foods,” said a spokesperson.
Irish company, Dawn Farm Foods, has withdrawn some products from its food supply chain as a precautionary measure, the Agency has stated.
The Agency has said it is working hard to find the source of the outbreak.