Salmonella prevalent in Germany

05-04-2007 | |
Salmonella prevalent in Germany

A survey of several hundred poultry farms by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) found that almost one in three layer flocks and one in six broiler flocks is infected with salmonella.

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment inspected 563 layer flocks and found salmonella in dust and droppings on 165 of them (29.3%), and out of 378 broiler farms inspected, 17.5% tested positive for salmonella.
There were considerable differences in the results according to farm size. On egg farms, the larger concerns had the highest rates of infection: some two thirds of premises with over 30 000 birds were infected. In the broiler sector it was the smaller farms, with up to 10 000 birds, and the very large ones, with over 100 000, that were worst affected.
The BfR told offending egg producers to clean up their act. If they are not free of salmonella by 2009, their eggs will only be allowed to be sold cooked.
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