San Miguel Foods set to enjoy perks

30-05-2007 | |

Ready to enjoy tax and other perks, San Miguel Foods, Inc. (SMFI) is setting up a training broiler farm as part of an integrated agro-industrial zone.

The project in the Philippines is expected to provide a training facility for current and new SMFI technical personnel and potential investors. It will also serve as a showcase to contractors, giving them the option to choose between new or old technologies.
The facility, comprising of 273,600 bird model/training broilers, will cost approximately P167 million (€2.7 million), and have a production capacity of 1.915 million grown broilers per annum with an average live weight of 2.2 kg.
The company will adopt the controlled climate housing system technology, which needs tunnel ventilation, cross ventilation and evaporative cooling systems. “The bird will be grown for 38 days and processed at the nearest SMFI process plant,” the company said.
Poultry production is covered by the 2006 Investment Priorities Plan, a list of industries that could avail of tax and other incentives from the government.