Seminar confirms Ross commitment in Iraq

21-12-2011 | |

The growing poultry market in Iraq has seen increasing demand for Ross products in the country as Aviagen invests in service, product quality and technical, veterinary and nutritional support.

Aviagen recently held a seminar for the sector in the autonomous region of Kurdistan, where the poultry industry is stable and growing. The event was jointly undertaken with Vano Group, the exclusive Ross distributor and one of Iraq’s most experienced poultry production companies.

Over 50 delegates attended, including many customers and several local and national government officials interested in hearing about the growth prospects for the poultry industry in Iraq.

John Maguire, Ross Sales Manager for the Middle East and Africa, said: “This is an opportune time to connect Aviagen, Ross and Vano directly to customers in their homeland. The difficult circumstances facing this region have not always made it possible for us to provide on-the-ground support for the sector, so we are delighted to have been able to visit Iraq and to meet customers alongside the Vano team.”

The event is the most significant Aviagen visit to Iraq since the end of the Gulf War in 1991. It provided the opportunity for local customers to share their experiences and to benefit from the global knowledge and expertise of the Aviagen team.

The event confirmed that demand for Ross products is extremely high in Iraq. The team has committed to providing increased support in the future as the Ross presence in the region escalates. The team will be visiting its customers on a more frequent basis and will continue to assist Vano Group in growing the market and improving the technical support available to customers.

Source: Aviagen