Small poultry farmers graduate

26-06-2007 | |
Small poultry farmers graduate

Thirty-two small poultry farmers from Clarendon have completed a training course. This has empowered them with skills to begin projects in their communities.

The group, consisting of 28 women and 4 men, known as the Clarendon Association of Small Poultry Growers recently graduated from the course at the Denbigh Show Ground in May Pen, Clarendon.
A grant of approximately US$1 million was provided by the Alcoa Foundation, through JAMALCo, which also provided $760,000 for the compilation of a procedural poultry farmers’ manual, providing guidelines to various stages of poultry rearing, from site selection to the handling and disposal of waste.
On behalf of the participants, president of the Association and poultry farmer, Maxine Lord, thanked the organisers and sponsors of the project. She said the participants were grateful for the opportunity to attend the training.
“Don’t hide your skill. This is a skill. No more dead chickens, and if your chicken is sick, you know what to do. If your neighbour’s coop smells, you can tell them what to do,” she said.
In the photo: Public and community relations administrator at JAMALCo, Pamela White (right), presents a certificate to poultry farmer, Elleen Irshad, at the graduation ceremony in Clarendon.

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