Soccer season boosts painted egg sales

15-08-2006 | |
Soccer season boosts painted egg sales

Colourful painted eggs, sold as party eggs or Easter eggs depending on the time of year, have shaken the German market this year with a new colour variety, according to ZMP figures.

Black, red and gold coloured eggs were very popular in the lead-up to, and during, the World Championship Soccer, held in June in Germany.

Normally the sale of boiled eggs sinks into marginal numbers after Easter. But with 12.8 million painted eggs purchased by consumers in May and June, numbers were well above average. Last year over the same period 7.7 million painted eggs were sold.

The soccer event could not overtake the Easter Bunny’s popularity in sales of boiled and painted eggs. He accounted for the sale of 173 million eggs in Germany this year.