South African poultry industry ready to act

09-09-2008 | |
South African poultry industry ready to act

In the event that bird flu hits South Africa, the poultry industry will be ready to act fast; this is the message being spread by the South African Poultry Association.

Consumer losses
Chicken and eggs account for 60% of all animal protein consumed in South Africa. Experience in the EU countries has shown that chicken and egg sales plunge on the news of a bird flu outbreak, resulting in an estimated 50% loss in consumers.

To limit this threat, the South African Poultry Association has readied a “Safe-to-Eat” multi-media marketing and publicity campaign designed to allay consumer fears about eating poultry and eggs. The advertising campaign will appear in the daily press, on radio and on product packaging.

Ready to roll
There’s also a strong in-store Point-of-Purchase display material drive. The whole campaign will be ready to roll within hours of the goverment declaring a Bird Flu outbreak in South Africa.

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