South Korea hit again: this time, Newcastle disease

26-12-2006 | |

Newcastle disease has been discovered in South Korea, only a few kilometers from the most recent bird flu outbreak site, officials reported yesterday.

Newcastle disease, which can be fatal to poultry, was found in Cheonan, South Chungcheong Province, four kilometers from Asan where bird flu was discovered recently.
The Cheonan local government has reported that about 10,000 chickens died last Thursday and Friday after exhibiting respiratory and central nervous system problems.
Close inspection confirmed the cause of the deaths to be Newcastle disease, a highly contagious zoonotic bird disease.
A total of around 15,000 chickens were being raised on the farm, the remaining 5,000 of which have been slaughtered. After the disease was discovered, the government has taken measures to limit the movement of chickens from the farm, as well as transportation of vehicles to it.