Southeast Asia’s largest poultry bazaar

30-10-2007 | |
Southeast Asia’s largest poultry bazaar

Commercial operation of a large modern specialist poultry wholesale bazaar has formally commenced in Guangzhou, China, strengthening the areas status as a major trading centre for domestic fowl.

It is reported that the Jiangcun Poultry Wholesale Bazaar (JPWB) will have an annual trading volume of over 4 billion yuan (€372 million).
It is expected that more than 100 million chickens, ducks, geese, quails, doves, partridges and other poultry from around the country will change hands in the bazaar each year. According to chairman of the board of JPWB, Tan Jutian, this represents more than one tenth of the province’s total.
Jutian tells how this is the largest specialist wholesale bazaar for fowl in Southeast Asia, taking up over 120,000 square metres at a cost of more than 40 million yuan. It is reported that over 200 poultry raising companies and farms have set up booths at the bazaar.