SPACE president and co-founder dies unexpectedly

05-08-2013 | |
SPACE president and co-founder dies unexpectedly

The directors and staff of SPACE have paid tribute to their president, Jean-Michel Lemetayer, who died suddenly on 31 July.

Jean-Michel Lemetayer was one of the co-founders of SPACE in 1987. A statement issued by the organisation said:

“Over the past 26 years, he devoted a great deal of energy and dynamism to expanding the Show: he was the driving force behind SPACE and had great ambitions for being of service to livestock farmers and animal producers. All his life, in all his many capacities, he was an ardent defender of animal production and Brittany.

“His death is a great loss. SPACE will no longer be the same without him but the directors and staff will continue in his footsteps, maintaining the professional standards and cordial approach that he always inspired.”