Specht Germanwings

11-03-2010 | |
Specht Germanwings

During many years the company Specht Germanwings together with experts and heads of poultry farms in Russia successfully conducts reconstruction of poultry-farming facilities.

This cooperation confirms, that the equipment created and let out by Specht company corresponds to the best world samples.
The Specht poultry cage systems for pullets, layers, as well as the parent stock batteries have received a very good estimation of our customers in 28 regions of Russia.
The broiler breeding management is a technological challenge in industrial poultry farming. Achievement of high efficiency becomes every year more and more actual. This problem gives rise to the tendency of the broiler breeders in keeping the cage systems with artificial Insemination.
Specht Ten Elsen has been a pioneer in the field of development of the cage equipment for the Artificial Insemination.
The first parent stock batteries for Artificial Insemination (with the single cockerel cages) have been installed in Belgium in 1981. With greater success they are still working without any problems. At the present time the poultry farms in countries such as Sudan, Egypt and Poland have been equipped with the stock batteries for Artificial Insemination, fertilization excellent results are being achieved.
At the meantime a lot of parent stock batteries for Artificial Insemination, with separate feeding system for parent hens and cocks, based on the advanced technology have been installed and introduced at the Russian poultry breeding farms.
In November 2007 the parent stock battery for Artificial Insemination has been shipped to address of the society with limited liability «Саянский бройлер” in the Irkutsk area. And then the experts of the breeding factory OAO “Линдовская птицефабрика-племенной завод” in Nizhniy Novgorod area have made a decision on purchase of such equipment, which brings the Committee in achievement of high results.
Conclusive advantages of the maintenance of parent stock for broiler breeders in parent stock battery for Artificial Insemination are:
– Higher output incubatory or eggs due to the reduction of polluted eggs
– Lower feed consumption due to excellent feed conversation ratio
– Increase in quantity of birds
– Excellent results fertilization
– Smaller necessary quantity of cocks
– The best hygienic conditions
And delivered as the newest technologies and equipment with computer management demand the high educational level of the personnel at their service, Specht company can offer training for experts and buyers at special booths or a factory in Germany.
The successful operational experience of Specht Ten Elsen with poultry farmers of Russia on reconstruction of poultry-farming facilities with the purpose of manufacture or poultry-farming production allows to draw a conclusion, that these works have helped to organize profitable use or manufacture with advanced technologies .
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