Specialised agriculture banks

17-12-2008 | |

The global 4F crisis (food, feed, fuel and financial) has come, and almost every country in this world can feel its affects.

How about Indonesia? The answer is “OF COURSE”. As a developing country, the 4F crisis is a great problem for Indonesia, but has to be solved accurately and efficiently. What about agriculture in Indonesia? The simple answer is that it needs much attention from its government, agricultural private sector and funding sector (bank).

The bank has a big responsibility of funding (credit), and the Indonesian agriculture society needs a large sum of money to keep and also develop the business. Particularly small-scale and traditional poultry farmers need funding to run and keep existence of their properties. These farmers have the disadvantage that poultry farmers are not bankable. With this I mean that they are at a low level of education and there is hardly any intensity of service by the funding sector (bank) to educate them about banking and its procedures.

On the one hand, almost every general bank says that agriculture is full of risks and the character of a poultry business carries with it a “high risk, high profit”. On the other hand, agriculture stakeholders need more funds to face and pass this global crisis.

So, do we need agricultural banks, or banks that specialise in agriculture to solve the current crisis? Have your say!

Arief Fachrudin