Stressed chicken? Let them watch TV!

21-12-2009 | |

According to The Star of Malaysia, scientists have revealed that the stressful life of the battery chicken can be relieved with a daily dose of television.

Seemingly, chicks that watch television grow faster on less food, lay larger eggs more regularly and appear to be happier.
All it takes to make these birds more phlegmatic more interested in their environment and more sociable is a mere half-an-hour a day in front of the idiot box.
Even if we humans were to plonk ourselves in front of a television for long enough, we would also be predisposed to piling on the weight. Bearing in mind, of course, that half-an-hour of your average chicken’s life would probably equate to something like 10 hours in human terms.
Nonetheless, there are still some rather pertinent questions that spring to mind: like what do happy chickens look like?
Still, there is the hard evidence that cannot be denied: larger, more regularly laid eggs.
If chicken farmers in Malaysia were to adopt this strategy to increase the egg yield and plumpness of their fowls, it would obviously pay for them to get the maximum return from their investment.
Source: The Star