Suguna opens India’s largest feed mill

18-09-2008 | |

India’s largest poultry company, Suguna Poultry, has opened India’s largest feed mill in Ekrajapura Village, Sulibele Hobli, Hoskote in Bangalore Rural district.

Minister for Labour, Bache Gowda, inaugurated the state-of-the-art feed mill at Hoskote, which was established with an investment of Rs.55 crore (€8.35 mln).
This modern feed mill will benefit about 2,000 farmers in Karnataka while providing direct employment to over 800 people and indirect employment to about 2,000.
The feed mill, which will source about 1,500 t of raw materials per day from maize-cultivating farmers in and around Karnataka, will produce mash, pellets and crumbles.
Large storage capacity
This highly automated mill will produce 1,500 t of feed per day to supply to all broiler contract farms and parent stock farms in the regions of Karnataka and Andhra.
This completely automated feed mill has an in-built facility to store 12,000 t of maize, 4,000 t of soy in steel silos, around 5,000 t of finished product and 3,000 t of other ingredients.
The feed mill is powered by a 2.5 MW eco-friendly Bio-Fuel plant preventing generation of green house gases and earning precious carbon credits.
Improve standard of living
B. Soundararajan, Managing Director, Suguna Poultry Farm Ltd., said, “This state-of-the-art feed mill will not only provide employment opportunities to the region but also enable the farmers cultivating maize to sell at better prices to Suguna, thereby improving the standard of living of the people.”
“Suguna Poultry Farm Limited is a fully integrated poultry enterprise committed to the food service industry. This integration affords us total quality process control throughout the production process from hatching of eggs to the retail broiler market. Our mission is to provide the highest quality product with an unequalled commitment to service.”
“Hoskote was the perfect choice for putting up this plant due to availability of maize and soy at economical rates, water availability throughout the year and availability of abundant skilled labour”, he added.
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