Sustainable Nutrition launches monoglycerides product

11-11-2014 | |
Sustainable Nutrition launches monoglycerides product

The company Sustainable Nutrition has developed a new generation medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), to be used in animal diets.

MCFAs are known to have a strong antibacterial effect. Their absorption is slow and they can reach the lower intestines. As such, they may prevent pathogenic colonisation in the intestinal tract. The most prominent natural fats rich in MCFAs are coconut oil and palm kernel oil.

Previous research has shown that the monoglycerides of these MCFAs are even more effective as an additive. This is because the hydro- and lipophilic character of these monoglycerides is better than the fatty acids, making them more active against bacteria. Sustainable Nutrition has therefore developed a technique to create these monoglycerides, based on a technology of esterifying one MCFA-chain with glycerol.

Its chemical characteristics allow these products (branded by the company under the name NutriC, depending on the fatty acid used) to be active in four different environments: water, feed, stomach and intestinal tract. Moreover, these monoglycerides are heat stable, non-corrosive and they do not have a negative influence on palatability.

Sustainable Nutrition was founded in 2013 by two managers, formerly with FRAmelco. Sustainable Nutrition will deliver the monoglycerides of the medium chain fatty acids for FRAmelco, as they have entered a long term agreement which each other.

Sustainable Nutrition will be present at EuroTier. Hall 17, stand H04.

Emmy Koeleman Editor: All About Feed & Dairy Global