Sweden: 100,000 birds culled due to Salmonella

07-02-2007 | |

In what is believed to be the country’s biggest salmonella outbreak in poultry in 10 years, authorities in southern Sweden cull over 100,000 chickens.

According to authorities, the situation is under control and the risk of humans being infected by the food-borne illness is unlikely.
County veterinarian Lennart Sjoland says, “It’s too far back in the production line to really pose a risk to consumers.”
Birds at seven farms in southern Sweden were tested positive for salmonella, resulting in slaughtering.
The source of the outbreak is unclear, but it is believed the bacteria could have spread from infected mice or rats, or through the feed.
Sjoland says that the scope of this outbreak is the worst in the past 10 years.
Pia Gustafsson, a veterinarian at the Swedish Poultry Meat Association, said salmonella outbreaks among poultry in Sweden were “so rare that almost no one remembers the last time it happened.”
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