Swimmer Sharron Davies promotes Bernard Matthews poultry firm

24-07-2007 | |

Food campaigners and animal rights activists have raised eyebrows at swimmer Sharron Davies’ decision to promote poultry firm Bernard Matthews.

The Food Commission was cited as saying it doubted whether processed meat products featured highly in the diets of athletes. The head of an animal sanctuary, which has criticised Bernard Matthews’ welfare standards, was cited as saying Davies was risking tarnishing her reputation.
However, Davies was apparently proud to support the company, and, according to Bernard Matthews, there is “nothing unhealthy” in the food she is promoting.
Sharon Davies, Britain’s most successful all round swimmer, is spearheading Bernard Matthews’ drive to boost sales in wake of a bird flu outbreak.
“This is what sports stars do and Sharron Davies has every right to advertise Bernard Matthews, but it would be nice to see her advertise something that is unquestionably healthy,” said a Food Commission spokesman, adding that processed poultry is that it is not 100% meat, and is often heavily diluted with water and starch. “I doubt that many international swimmers eat a lot of it.”
“As a professional swimmer and mum to three growing kids, I know that turkey is a nutritiously nourishing meat that the whole family can enjoy,” said Davies. “It is low in fat, high in protein and versatile enough to be dished up at any eating occasion. In my view, turkey is the ‘supermeat’ amongst meats and makes a fantastic ingredient for a range of everyday meals and snacks.
That’s why I’m proud to support the Bernard Matthews’ ‘Turkey for Today’ campaign.”
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