Synergie Eurobec present in Egypt

05-06-2009 | |

Synergie Eurobec Inc. with collaboration of Nile Vet Services Company is now present on the poultry market in Egypt.

After signing a contract during the international World Poultry Show in Atlanta at the beginning of this year, the Canadian company finalised the registration of two liquids products (Nutrial® & Nutrivit®) and two powders products (Pronat® & Ovobase®).

Synergie Eurobec manufactures nutritional supplements in Canada since June 2000. The company says it is already well established in North America and Canada for the supply of solutions for antibiotics-free production. Synergie Eurobec is focussed on expanding its involvement in the poultry market worldwide.

With the help of this Famous Veterinary company Nile Vet Services present in Egypt, Egyptian producers will have access to a new natural technology base on extracts of plants, essentials oils, trace-elements, organic acids and vitamins, for improve zoo-technical results and health of birds.

Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist