“Take action and 
communicate your actions”

23-05-2016 | |
Ben Dellaert
Ben Dellaert

Ben Dellaert, chairman of the International Egg Commision (IEC), says global communication is the key to collective success of the industry. In his latest column he explains why this is so important and how to do this effectively.

After all the years I have been involved in the egg industry, I am still often surprised by the wonderful product we are producing. The intrinsic value of eggs is fantastic; it is almost too good to be true. But it is true! Yet I am just as surprised by the fact that so few people know about all this goodness. That is why I urge everyone involved in the egg industry to take action and communicate your actions. Since becoming Chairman of the International Egg Commission, this has been a motivational mantra that I’ve adopted and I hope that you’ll join me in spreading the word to a wider audience.

There is so much talent to celebrate within the egg community – with a high standard of pioneering work being done across the globe by producers and processors alike. From innovative marketing strategies, research into more sustainable ways of operating and combating Avian Influenza, to the incredible work that IEF is achieving with Project Canaan in Africa. At every turn, we should be proud and shouting about the progress that is being made. We do know how to take action, yet I often notice that we forget to communicate these actions to the World. We have so many good stories to tell!

Traditionally, the egg industry gathered within the IEC has been hugely effective when it comes to tackling challenges. For example, when there is an acute threat of Avian Influenza, we have been able to form an expert task force immediately to help protect the industry through the exchange of knowledge. But when it comes to communicating about the goodness of eggs, our sustainable way of producing eggs and our continuous effort to feed the world, we seem to be focused too much on ourselves. This is partly historically based. In the past, we trusted our country representatives to communicate about the industry locally. They knew the local culture, after all. But with modern media becoming more and more global, our way of communicating has to change as well.

Global communication is a route we can take to help assure our collective success. There are endless opportunities, particularly through digital channels such as social media. We must learn to utilise them effectively. The IEC’s Young Leaders Program provides a perfect example of how participation and engagement is helping to drive the egg industry forward. These inspirational young people will be formulating a strategy for utilising modern means of communication to the outside world. Their ideas will be presented at our next IEC conference in Kuala Lumpur. We can all help to support their efforts and develop strategies of our own.

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Ben Dellaert Chairman of the International Egg Commision (IEC)