Tanzanian farmers undergo poultry keeping training

02-06-2011 | |

Over 1,600 traditional poultry farmers in the Tanzanian districts of Singida and Iramba, have been trained on better rearing techniques aimed at transforming the indigenous poultry sector from a conventional subsistence activity into a commercial business.

The project, an initiative of Rural Livelihood Development Company (RLDC), and implemented by Farm Concern International (FCI) was to enable the sector to provide employment and income for rural smallholder producers.

FCI project manager Dolores Msimbira said that the villagers were trained on different issues, ranging from chicken selection, eggs management, marketing, diseases controls, manufacturing of feeds and hatching.

“If this sector is managed well, it will remain an important gear in scaling down poverty levels amongst the underprivileged villagers,” she said.

“I thank FCI for coming up with the training, which has already changed our mindsets and the way of doing things, as earlier I never thought that local chickens could be of benefit to me,” said Iramba district-based local poultry farmer, Haika Nkungu, who revealed that before undergoing the training she never knew about poultry diseases and control measures.

Source: The Guardian

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