Tariffs cut for poultry imports: Guyana

27-11-2006 | |

Guyana’s Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce has started issuing import licences after the government and industry stakeholders agreed reduce tariff levels, enabling the importation of up to 700,000 pounds of chicken to meet Christmas demand.

The agreement was reached after the Minister of Commerce, Manniram Prashad, met with members of the Poultry Owners Association, Didco, Bounty Farm and other industry players.
Consequently, tariffs will temporarily be lowered to 40% duty and 10% consumption tax, from the current level of 100% duty and 10% consumption tax.
Members of the Poultry Owners Association, Prashad said, said they were concerned about lowering tariff levels, but noted the decision was in everyone’s best interests.
Prashad added “if the government did not intervene chicken would be selling at $300 per pound by next week. We had to make a decision and an immediate one. Now everyone has agreed and we will have an adequate chicken supply for the Christmas season”.
The stunted growth of birds in recent weeks coupled with a debilitating disease has put pressure on stocks and this has caused prices to rice.

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