Tasker’s antibacterial tech benefits another chicken plant

24-09-2007 | |

Danbury, Conn.-based Tasker Products Corp., a maker of technology for inhibiting pathogenic bacteria, has reportedly closed a deal with a broiler chicken producer in Arkansas.

The deal includes the use of Tasker’s proprietary pathogen and bacteria inhibitor, called Tasker Blue, in the facility’s scalder section of poultry processing. This deal is the company’s fourth poultry processing customer.
According to Tasker executives, the company, which was not named, includes 3,500 employees and processes 600 million pounds of poultry per year in locations including North Carolina, Arkansas and Pennsylvania.
Tasker develops products that use its pHarlo technology, which consists of a solution that enables copper sulfate, a known antibacterial material, to remain active throughout a wide range of pH levels.
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