Ter Heerdt sells shares to EW Group

05-01-2012 | |

Dutch layer hatchery Ter Heerdt and Lohmann Tierzucht (LTZ) from Germany have signed an agreement for long term cooperation.

Under the agreement, Ter Heerdt has sold 20 percent of its shares to LTZ owner, the EW group. As a result, Ter Heerdt, will from now exclusively distribute all LTZ product lines in the Benelux area.

According to the senior management of Ter Heerdt, both companies share the same vision and core values. Through this cooperation, Ter Heerdt expects to be able to further strengthen and professionalise their position and better serve their customers on the Benelux market.

Thus far, Ter Heerdt has exclusively been distributing ISA products in the Netherlands and Germany. This will be phased out in the months to come. Currently, Ter Heerdt have their own parent stock, hatchery and contract pullet rearing farms in the Netherlands and Germany.

Apart from LTZ, the EW group also owns layer breeding companies H&N and Hy-Line, as well as Aviagen, the broiler breeding division including its brands Ross, AA, Indian River and Aviagen turkeys.

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