Thai Betagro to expand

12-04-2007 | |

Thai pork and poultry integrator Betagro has announced to increase its processing capacity to meet rising export demands.

Betagro is budgeting 1.5 billion baht (almost €35,000,000) to build another cooked processed chicken factory with a 30,000 tonnes annual capacity in Lop Buri. Betagro, according to president Vanus Taipaisitpongsa. Betagro has also allocated one billion baht (over €23,000,000) for the planned construction by 2008, of an animal feed plant in Nakorn Ratchasima , to increase its yearly capacity to 30,000 tonnes.
In addition, Taipaisitpongsa also announced that on schedule for completion by year-end 2007 is an ISO 17025 laboratory, budgeted at 100 million baht (over €23,000,000), to serve the Betagro network as well as other customers.
According to Taipaisitpongsa Betagro has also assigned priority to its two-year old Japanese/Ootoya restaurant joint-venture, as another channel in which the cmpany can demonstrate its capacity as a supplier of raw materials, products and services for other restaurant businesses.

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