Thai poultry producers oppose proposed EU quotas

11-01-2010 | |

Thai chicken producers are unhappy over proposed changes by the EU on how it allocates import quotas for chicken.

The EU wants to calculate its chicken quota based on the most favoured nation principle, which combines export statistics for all countries. But according to an article in Thai newspaper The Nation, Thailand and Brazil want it to be based on country-specific export statistics.

A government source said: “The same export quota volume is not fair for Thailand as we are one of the leading chicken suppliers to the EU market.”
China and Chile, which are Thailand’s rivals, will be the big winners from the new allocation system if the EU refuses to use the country-specific system, said the source. The EU’s processed chicken quota for Thailand is 160,033t and the EU is Thailand’s largest export market, accounting for 40% of total exports.


Ad Bal Freelance journalist