Thailand free of bird flu

16-11-2009 | |

Thailand is now free of the avian influenza or the bird flu, but precaution measures have been implemented to prevent its outbreak, DG of the Livestock Development Department, Preecha Somboonprasert, has announced.

Recently, Thailand’s northern province of Nan alerted of the bird flu or the H5N1 virus outbreak after several birds had died. Nan’s livestock department collected some examples of the dead poultry and sent them to a nearby province of Lam-pang, where a regional office of the National Institute of Animal Health, is located, to examine.
Somboonprasert said that the birds in Wieng-sa district of Nan did not die due to the H5N1 virus contraction, but reportedly died from “season change”.
Thailand’s North experiences the winter very suddenly and the birds could not adjust themselves to the season change resulting in the death, Somboonprasert said.
The Livestock Development Department has not yet discovered theH5N1 virus outbreak in Thailand, but during the winter it is risky of the bird flu outbreak, he said. Precaution steps have been implemented.
From 2-13 November, the Department ordered the cleaning of risky areas across the country.
Source: Chine View

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist