The future of poultry nutrition

20-05-2009 | |

Although the majority of presentations at the scientific meeting at the 35th North Carolina Poultry Nutrition Conference were focused on enzyme supplementation in poultry diets, Dr Steve Leeson of University of Guelph, Canada, discussed current and future challenges of commercial poultry nutrition.

Some of the highlights of his paper included: the rising cost of feed worldwide especially as it relates to the expansion of biofuel industry; the phasing out or reduced use of antibiotic growth promoters; the interaction of nutrition and gut microflora and its effects on gut health; nutrition-related environmental concerns (excretion of phosphorus, nitrogen, copper and zinc), and; the enrichment of poultry products (meat and eggs) through manipulation of the diet.

In addition to the above-mentioned issues, I think that finding more cost effective feed ingredients (alternative feed ingredients), water quantity and quality, and feed mill biosecurity (as part of the whole farm biosecurity program) are some of other challenges that the industry is and will be facing.

What do you think?

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